Stay Secure and Private While Browsing with ExpressVPN Chrome Extension

Stay Secure and Private While Browsing with ExpressVPN Chrome Extension

ExpressVPN is a leading VPN provider. The company has been around for more than a decade, and its products are widely recognized as the safest and most dependable means of accessing the web. ExpressVPN’s Chrome extension is only one of many features designed to keep customers private and secure online. This post is going to take a closer look at the ExpressVPN Chrome extension and all the great things it can do for you.

What is the ExpressVPN Chrome extension?

ExpressVPN’s Chrome add-on is a minimal piece of software designed to amplify the capabilities of the Chrome web browser. This extension is meant to save customers time by allowing them to access the ExpressVPN network from within their browser rather than launching a dedicated app. With this add-on, users may connect to their VPN with a single click, choose their location mechanically, and even activate a kill switch, all without leaving their browser.

You may get the ExpressVPN Chrome add-on from the Chrome Web Store for free. A shortcut to the extension’s features and functions will be added to the Chrome toolbar once it has been installed.

Why use the ExpressVPN Chrome extension?

Use of the ExpressVPN Chrome add-on can be motivated by a number of factors. Just a few examples:

Benefit from increased security by encrypting your internet connection and hiding your online activities with the ExpressVPN Chrome addon. Because public Wi-Fi is so unsecure, this is especially crucial.

By obstructing third-party tracking, the ExpressVPN Chrome plugin helps users maintain their online anonymity. For nations where internet censorship and surveillance are frequent, this is of paramount importance.

The ExpressVPN Chrome extension enables users to access content that is blocked to specific countries or regions. This is especially helpful for those who want to watch movies and television shows that are restricted to a specific region.

The ExpressVPN Chrome extension simplifies the process of connecting to a virtual private network by providing a user-friendly interface. Those that care about their anonymity online will like the ease with which this may be accomplished, as they won’t need to launch a different program.

Features of the ExpressVPN Chrome extension.

There are many features included in the ExpressVPN Chrome extension that make it safe and simple to use. Some of the more striking characteristics are listed below.

One-click connection: Users may connect to the ExpressVPN network with a single click and immediately begin browsing the web safely.

This addon intelligently chooses the optimal location for the user based on criteria such as travel time and proximity. This guarantees the highest possible connection quality for all users at all times.

The plugin has a kill switch built in, so if the user’s VPN connection drops, they will be cut off from the internet immediately. This will protect their anonymity and safety while they are online.

Additionally, the plugin supports split tunneling, letting users select which websites and applications should use the VPN and which should not. Those who wish to view stuff that is limited by their location can benefit greatly from this method, and it won’t even slow down their connection speed.

The extension has DNS leak protection, which blocks DNS leaks that could otherwise endanger a user’s online safety and privacy.

How to install the ExpressVPN Chrome extension?

Here’s how to set up the ExpressVPN Chrome add-on:

Step 1: Go to the Chrome Web Store in your Chrome browser.
On Chrome, type “ExpressVPN” to find it, or click this link:

Step 2: Start the installation by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button.
There will be a prompt asking if you want to “Add ‘ExpressVPN’?” To continue, hit the “Add extension” button.

Step 3 , look for a green “E” icon in the Chrome browser’s toolbar after the installation is complete. To launch the ExpressVPN Chrome extension, select the letter “E” symbol.
Step 4 – If you already have an ExpressVPN account, login in, else create a new account.
To use the add-on, simply connect to a VPN server by following the on-screen prompts.

Be aware that the Chrome addon only works with a paid ExpressVPN account.

How to install the ExpressVPN Chrome extension

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